about us

SONG & PEN is a design and lettering studio specializing in calligraphy and handmade signage. We nerd out about all things typography and well-made fonts, with a special affinity for handwritten letterforms, and we know way too much about pens, inks and bezier curves.

Though long-time Californians, we've recently embarked on a New York City adventure (though our hearts are still at the beach). Find us on Instagram and Facebook to follow along with our big city journey, and be sure to check out our latest wares right here and on Etsy.

JULIE is a woman of many talents. Designer. Calligrapher. Web developer. Classically-trained singer. Former Virginia state power-tumbling champion. Her design sensibility is driven by a love of beautiful letterforms, a penchant for clean aesthetic and keen interest in a user's experience. In addition, she has a boundless passion for music and a strong belief in the power of bold women. She is equal parts song & pen.

SCOTT is a writer and a lover of language. While some call him a technology whisperer (he's never met a printer he couldn't fix), he prefers to think of himself as a relentless puzzle-solver. Ever the optimist, Scott looks for the best in every situation and is always quick with a joke (usually a bad one). Though his college a cappella group may disagree, Scott is more pen than song.